Exclusive: Deakin Camera Strap for Poketo

Poketo has always been our go-to spot for gifts & all our stationery needs. We've always looked up to them as a leading force in the design and maker communities, so having the opportunity to work with them on an exclusive product is quite literally a dream come true.


I remember the first time I ever stepped foot inside Poketo in the Arts District of Downtown LA and being awestruck by the exquisite curation of items of all kinds; and in every price range! I remember feeling refreshed, inspired, and like I really needed a brand new planner and some fancy kitchen items like, now. Everything was just so cool . 


We knew we wanted to design a camera strap that matched Poketo's clean, modern aesthetic but also incorporated Deakin's utilitarian feel & functionality, so the flat-faced rivets were definitely the way to go. We also wanted to make sure there was no chance of damaging the camera or creating noise due to friction, so the nylon cord attachment was a clear choice for us as well .

The strap is fully adjustable in 1" increments from 40"-48" by use of a solid brass buckle. We added a keeper so the tail end of the strap stays out of the way for distraction-free shooting.

Working with Poketo's design team and buyers was such a joy. They know what they want, and that made it really easy to work out a solid design which resulted in executing a really smooth collaboration, and a piece we're really proud of!

Be sure to pop in Poketo's Flagship location Downtown if you're in the area to check out the straps in person, and have your mind blown by the awesomeness that is Poketo. The straps are also available at poketo.com! You can swing by the webpage HERE  for all the details, leather options and to read our fun designer bio. 

So excited to see a project of ours in one of our all-time favorite stores, and really hope you all take a moment to check it out!

Poketo is located at 820 E. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013