Father's Day Wallet Making Workshop at Makers Mess

This weekend was amazing. We had our first workshop with Makers Mess on Saturday night and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Normally, our workshops start at a certain time, end a few hours later, and people can walk up any time and start on a project. At any given point we can be helping up to 30 different people on projects that all started at different times. It can be quite chaotic but remarkably fun in it's own way. We always finish up a workshop feeling elated, giddy, (and slightly exhausted), and like we could conquer the world.

We spent a good portion of Saturday getting tools and hardware together. Knowing the exact number of people to expect made preparations much easier, as well. Rather than hauling our giant cutting mat and two-hundred-pound kick press along, we brought just the essentials and everything worked out perfectly. The class was very small, (a whole new experience for us) and was mostly comprised of men (a whole new experience for Makers Mess!). Makers Mess had set out charcuterie, cheese, beer, water and even some sparkley wines for everyone . I think we all felt spoiled  (I know I did!)  As people started showing up, we had them decide which wallet they wanted to make. We let them choose between the Radley wallet, Staff Sergeant Lewis, Sarah Jean or the Eleanor. We made mostly Radleys, which we were stoked about because Radley is pretty much our fav, and everyone did so well! 

This was the first workshop we've hosted where all of our attendees began their projects at the same time, which allowed us to give more attention to each individual project, and get everyone on to their next steps as a group, for the most part. It was also the first time we've made full-sized wallets in a workshop, which is something we've always wanted to do, but never had time for. 

Since the class was so small, we were really able to spend a good amount of time with each project and get some very handsome wallets made as a result. It was also really great to get to chat with everyone and find out more about them! We had a professional, real-deal specialty chocolate maker, someone who worked in the raw denim industry *insert heart-eyes emoj*, a gentleman who had some leather crafting experience, but had never made a wallet before, a sweet daughter who brought her pops for Father's Day, and an everyday-carry enthusiast who hadn't crafted since camp. It was a great group and I really hope to run into all of them again someday. We actually got invited on a chocolate factory tour AND out to shoot our bows with a real archery club! You bet your ass we'll be making plans to follow through on both of those invites. 

We love doing workshops for so many reasons. It's so special to teach someone how to do something they've never done before, and since we're working with leather and using time-honored techniques, it is quite possible their project will stand up to some serious adventures and stay with them for years to come. 


We really enjoyed using the Makers Mess space and hope we have a chance to teach there again! It's so bright, fun, and I love when I walk into a space and ideas for events and projects just start flooding over me - I actually had the same feeling the first time I walked in to the apartment I live in now, and pretty much every coffeebar I've ever worked in. I have a pretty good feeling we'll be back :)

 student's radley wallet snagged from instagram - @michaeleatcocoa

student's radley wallet snagged from instagram - @michaeleatcocoa