M A T E R I A L S  +  C A R E


 L E A T H E R


"Veg Tan" or Natural Tan refers to leather that has been processed with  tannins (found in tree bark) and other vegetable matter.  It is typically left un-dyed and will change in color dramatically as it ages. Due to the raw nature of this leather, it takes on unique characteristics of the use of it's owner and darkens over time with exposure to sunlight, water and natural oils (like the oils in your hands,  or animal oils such as neatsfoot or mink used for conditioning). 



Pull-up or hot stuffed leather  is a combination tanned leather that has a very high oil, grease & wax content. It is  supple,  durable and will wear in quickly and beautifully . The term "pull-up" refers to the visible separation of oils and waxes when the leather is folded, stretched or pulled up. The light color that is pulled up to the surface provides a striking texture in the color and makes this leather one of the most eye-catching leathers around.  

Fun fact (!!) - the original pull-up leather was invented by Chicago's famous Horween Leather Company to be used in engine & motor seals and was used for seals on tank engines and other heavy machinery in World War II.



Latigo leather is traditionally used for straps in saddlery because of its strength, durability & resistance to water. It's utilitarian tanning process makes it tough as nails, and great for use in all conditions, but also refined and dapper. It will soften over time and gain it's patina in high-contact areas.



Oil tanned leather is supple, durable and water resistant.  It is characterized by a rich matte finish and feels oily/velvety to the touch. It will wear exceptionally well and gain a beautiful patina with time . Be aware that due to the high oil content of this leather,  the dyes/oils can rub onto other articles such as clothing & light-colored accessories in the early stages of wear.



Cared-for leather is happy leather! Because it is an organic material, leather can dry out over time and become brittle and eventually crack or break, so to keep it healthy and strong, it should be oiled 2-3 times a year, or when it looks like it could use a little hydration. 

Neatsfoot oil and mink oil are great products for leather care and very accessible. You can use a cloth to rub a very light layer of oil into your leather to restore hydration and luster. Pull-up leathers take neastfoot oil best, as it is typically used in the final stage of the tanning process. Your leather can last a lifetime - all it takes is a little love.