Button Stud Key Clip

Button Stud Key Clip


Heavy weight vegetable tanned leather with solid brass hardware and burnished edges for that beautiful finished look. Loop this guy around your belt or the handle of your favorite bag to keep those keys accessible at all times and looking damn handsome.




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L E A T H E R  I N F O R M A T I O N


"Veg Tan" or Natural Tan refers to leather that has been tanned with  tannins (found in tree bark) and other vegetable matter.  It is typically left un-dyed and will change in color dramatically as it ages. Due to the raw nature of this leather, it takes on unique characteristics of the use of it's owner and darkens over time with exposure to sunlight, water and natural oils (like the oils in your hands,  or animal oils such as neatsfoot or mink used for conditioning). 

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